Dressing up with nail art Your Beauty and Soul.

"SyiSyu" which has 7 stores in Japan opens the very first store in Hawaii.
The nail specialists who has high level skills developped in Japan make your nails lovely.
The store usefully located 1 minute walk from Waikiki DFS.
Nail art for mom and daughters.
SyiSyu Hawaii also has just the thing for families.

SyiSyu Hawaii nail & spa


chieko ito


Opening Price 【First time only】

Manicure $30 20%off $24
Pedicure $40 20%off $32
Clear Gel $40 20%off $32
One Color or Glitter Gel $50 20%off $40
French Gel $60 20%off $48
Simple Design Gel $65 20%off $52
SyiSyu Design Gel $85 20%off $68
Special Design Gel $120 20%off $96
Foot Gel(Clear) $50 20%off $40
Foot Gal(one color) $60 20%off $48
Design Foot Gel $70~ 20%off $56~
Kid's Nail $20~ 20%off $16~
Sculpture (per one) $8 20%off $6
Chip for Extension (per one) $6 20%off $5
Cuticle Treatment $10 20%off $8
Exfoliating $15 20%off $12
Paraffin Pac $15 20%off $12
Hand Massage $15 20%off $12
Polishes Off $5 20%off $4
Soft Gel Off $20 20%off $16
Hard Gel Off $40 20%off $32
Sculpture Off $40 20%off $32


Opening Price (Limited on Website)

【First time only】100 Lashes $50    
60 Lashes $60 20%off $48
80 Lashes $80 20%off $64
100 Lashes $90 20%off $72
120 Lashes $100 20%off $80
150 Lashes $130 20%off $104
180 Lashes $160 20%off $128
200 Lashes $180 20%off $144
40 Re-Lash $40 20%off $32
60 Re-Lash $60 20%off $48
80 Re-Lash $80 20%off $64
100 Re-Lash $90 20%off $72
120 Re-Lash $100 20%off $80
Color Extension (per one) $2 20%off $2
Bottom Lash (per one) $3 20%off $2
Extension Off $10 20%off $8
Eye Treatment Mask $6 20%off $5
Eyelash Treatment $10 20%off $8
Clear Coating $8 20%off $6
Black Coating $15 20%off $12



Chieko Ito

nail salon SyiSyu owner
SyiSyu nail school principal
JNA certified teacher
Ibd instructor
hygiene management advisor

Nail Artist

Aiko Onishi

class-1 nail expert
higher-level gel expert
hygiene manager

Nail Artist

Mari Okada

class-1 nail expert
basic-level gel expert
hygiene manager
class-1 coloring certificate


About Kamaaina Rates

20% off price for all menu is available with Kamaaina Rates.
Please present you state ID issued by Hawaii or a driver's license.


We accept reservation by reservation form below (24h) or phone (808-922-0700)


・A state tax and a tip are separated.
・Credit card  Minimum is $60.00
・Please come 10 minuted earlier than reservation time.
・If you would like to call on someone to treat, Please pay $10.00 as a designation fee.

cancel policy

We need your credit card number when a reservation accepted.
a cancallation on the day or the previous day will incur cancellation fee showing below.
nail・・・on the previous day:$20 / on the appointed day:$50

Plivacy Policy
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confirm your e-mail
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First timeRepeater[within 1 month]Repeater[over 1 month]  member' s number
Do need Gel nail or Sculpture removal?
No removalSoft Gel removalHard Gel removalSculpture removal
Do need Eyelash-extensions removal?
*Eyelash-extensions that were administered at other shops may degrade lowering the quality of Eyelash-extensions performed at our shop, so removal is essential. Removal is $ 10. Please understand.
No removalWith removal
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