A Blissful Treatment For Your Body And Soul.
Dressing up with nail art.
And relaxing whole your body with spa massage.

"SyiSyu" which has 10 stores in Japan opens the very first store in Hawaii.
The nail specialists who has high level skills developped in Japan make your nails lovely,
and make your whole body relaxed with "lomi lomi massage" that is a hawaiian tradition.
We provide private rooms for more comfort treatment especially for couples.
The store usefully located 1 minute walk from Waikiki DFS.
Nail art for mom and daughters, and massage for dad.
SyiSyu Hawaii also has just the thing for families.

SyiSyu Hawaii nail & spa


chieko ito


Opening Price 【First time only】

Manicure $30 20%off $24
Pedicure $40 20%off $32
Clear Gel $30 20%off $24
One Color or Glitter Gel $40 20%off $32
French Gel $50 20%off $42
Simple Design Gel $65 20%off $52
SyiSyu Design Gel $85 20%off $68
Special Design Gel $120 20%off $96
Foot Gel(Clear) $40 20%off $32
Foot Gal(one color) $50 20%off $40
Design Foot Gel $60~ 20%off $48~
Kid's Nail $20~ 20%off $16~
Sculpture (per one) $8 20%off $6
Chip for Extension (per one) $6 20%off $5
Cuticle Treatment $10 20%off $8
Exfoliating $15 20%off $12
Paraffin Pac $15 20%off $12
Hand Massage $15 20%off $12
Polishes Off $5 20%off $4
Soft Gel Off $20 20%off $16
Hard Gel Off $40 20%off $32
Sculpture Off $40 20%off $32


Opening Price (Limited on Website)

【First time only】100 Lashes $50    
60 Lashes $60 20%off $48
80 Lashes $80 20%off $64
100 Lashes $90 20%off $72
120 Lashes $100 20%off $80
150 Lashes $130 20%off $104
180 Lashes $160 20%off $128
200 Lashes $180 20%off $144
40 Re-Lash $40 20%off $32
60 Re-Lash $60 20%off $48
80 Re-Lash $80 20%off $64
100 Re-Lash $90 20%off $72
120 Re-Lash $100 20%off $80
Color Extension (per one) $2 20%off $2
Bottom Lash (per one) $3 20%off $2
Extension Off $10 20%off $8
Eye Treatment Mask $6 20%off $5
Eyelash Treatment $10 20%off $8
Clear Coating $8 20%off $6
Black Coating $15 20%off $12

spa & Massage

Choose from 4 types of massages.

Lomi Lomi / Shiatsu / Swedish / Sports Shiatsu

Opening Price (Limited on Website)

Massage 60min $78 20%off $62
  90min $115 20%off $92
  120min $150 20%off $120
Foot Reflexology or Hot Stone 60min $83 20%off $66
  90min $120 20%off $96
  120min $155 20%off $124
Facial Massage or Opu Huli 60min $88 20%off $70
  90min $125 20%off $100
  120min $165 20%off $128

About OpuHuli……Fixing positions of organs or womb. OpuHuli helps digestion, elimination, peristalsis and more.

Aroma Oil $5
Home-visit Massage (until 10PM)・・・Menu Price + $10〜



Chieko Ito

nail salon SyiSyu owner
SyiSyu nail school principal
JNA certified teacher
Ibd instructor
hygiene management advisor

Nail Artist

Aiko Onishi

class-1 nail expert
higher-level gel expert
hygiene manager

Nail Artist

Mari Okada

class-1 nail expert
basic-level gel expert
hygiene manager
class-1 coloring certificate


About Kamaaina Rates

20% off price for all menu is available with Kamaaina Rates.
Please present you state ID issued by Hawaii or a driver's license.


We accept reservation by reservation form below (24h) or phone (808-922-0700)


・A state tax and a tip are separated.
・Please come 10 minuted earlier than reservation time.
・If you would like to call on someone to treat, Please pay $10 as a designation fee.
・Home-visit service is available on massage only. Menu Price + $10~
・When we visit you, please prepare towels to borrow.

cancel policy

We need your credit card number when a reservation accepted.
a cancallation on the day or the previous day will incur cancellation fee showing below.
nail・・・on the previous day:$20 / on the appointed day:$50
spa & massage・・・on the previous day:50% / on the appointed day:100%

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